Project description

Currently available diagnostic tools and disease-modifying therapies of both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are not satisfactory, mainly due to the lack of specific and sensitive disease biomarkers and new targets. The identification of specific disease biomarkers will increase the success rate of drug development programmes and thereby accelerate the availability of new therapeutics.

This three-partner consortium identified the demand to develop an innovative joint-research strategy comprising application of novel therapeutics for arthritis, associated with the development of precision biomarkers for monitoring the efficacy of this treatment.


This project will contribute to increase the retention of research talents and mobilization of national and European resources for strategic investments, as well as foster networking and business ideas.

Project objetives

Increased attractiveness of IMC

Encourage collaboration between the groups forming the consortium

To implement partner experience-based learning

Development of new diagnostic tools

Build capacity and improve research management

New therapies for the treatment of arthritis

Build network. International academic & non-academic partners

Training of young researchers in a European environment